Beef tongue on grilled Ciabata bread

with mini shrimp tacos

The Tongue

I have only made tongue a few times, but here is what I did.

Find a tongue from your local butcher, usually frozen. Thaw and wash tongue.

Place in large pot and cover with water, add desired spices. I like to use a few bay leaves with lots of black pepper some onion and garlic powder. 

Bring to a boil for 2-3 hours, (or until tongue is tender) may need to turn heat down slightly to avoid overflow.

Remove with tongs. Now, you need to remove the skin, some people place in an ice bath for a few seconds to help, or let cool and remove.

Slice thin on a bias (angle).

Serve on grilled bread and drizzle Chili Dan's Start To Finish Sauce on top.

Don't be grossed out, tongue to me is a cross between prime rib and regular roast beef.

The tacos

These were my wife's creations.

Simply use large 8-12 inch flour tortillas.

Cut out circles with 4 inch round cookie cutter.

Saute` small shrimp in a pan, mix in some Chili Dan's Start To Finish Sauce.

​Add shrimp to mini taco shells, garnish with cilantro.


Simply use a can of your favorite baked beans and drain the juice. Replace with Chili Dan's Start To Finish sauce, slow cook and enjoy. Amount of sauce depends on size can of beans.


These are a great addition to your meal.

I like to use small whole white mushrooms, sliced are fine.

Simply saute mushrooms over med or med/high heat, stir until browned. Add enough Chili Dan's Start To Finish Sauce to coat mushrooms well. Turn heat to low, stir and cook for 1 more minute.



What you will need:

-Chili Dan's Start To Finish Sauce 2oz.

-Tomato Juice (I like V8) 8oz.

-Vodka 2-3oz.

-Blaze's brand pickled green beans

-Green onion stalk

*Optional rim topper*

​-Brown sugar 2Tbl

-Fresh ground black pepper 1Tsp

-Garlic salt 1Tsp

​-Dried onions. 1Tbl


Pour about 1-2 oz. Chili Dan's Start To Finish Sauce on a small plate, coat rim of glass in sauce.

-Dip coated rim into spice mixture to coat.

-Add desired amount of ice to glass

​-Add 2-3Tbl of Chili Dan's sauce to glass.

-Add one pickled green bean and one onion stalk.

-Add Vodka

-Fill with tomato juice leaving some room under rim.

-Float about 1/2 oz of juice from green beans on top.

-Stir and enjoy.

Video of a few ideas including Bloody Mary's



Ron Says:

Inject pork shoulder with Chili Dan's on all four sides. Rub with a Texas style rub. Smoke for 12 hours until 200 degrees internal temp. Pull pork.

Add Velveeta cheese, butter and bacon to a split baked potato..

Top potato with pulled pork, more Chili Dan's and coleslaw.

Ron Adams Jr's

Pulled pork.

with cheesy bacon potato 

Customer favorite!


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Simply cook your wings your favorite way, and toss in large bowl with Chili Dan's Start To Finish Sauce.

Can also be brushed on slowly while grilling.

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